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Best Memory Cards For Shooting 4K Video

We review the best SD memory cards for shooting 4K resolution video on your DSLR camera or other devices – and explain what the numbers and icons on a memory card’s label actually means, so you know the requirements!

When shooting 4K video for YouTube, you need to use the correct SD cards to ensure good quality results – and no problems with compatibility. Here I review my two favourite 4K-ready memory cards.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro offers Class 10 recording and is V30 compatible, with write speeds up to an impressive 90Mbps. It’s seriously rugged too, so you shouldn’t get any failures when shooting 4K video in tough conditions!

A slightly cheaper alternative is Kingston’s Canvas series. Again they’re tough, and the more premium cards can again easily handle Ultra HD resolution recording.

Remember, to shoot 4K video, the memory card requirements are strict – you’ll need a minimum class 10, preferably V30 to ensure future-proofing. And we recommend at least 64GB of storage, to shoot over an hour of uninterrupted footage in one burst.