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Choosing The Right Notebook – A Buyers Guide

Choosing The Right Notebook – A Buyers Guide

Notebooks – Finding the Right System to Meet Your Needs

A computer is a major purchase and should not be taken lightly, especially if you are purchasing a notebook computer. There are a number of factors that need to be considered before you even get to the store to take a look at what is available.

The most important thing is to decide what are the tasks you would like to be able to do with your notebook, is it going to be just for work, or home use. Are you going to need it to be able to play memory intensive games? Once you have decided all these things and you have internet access take a look at some of the various types of notebooks available. Review sites are some of the best places to check out what notebooks are good for what. Some of the things you do need to consider are the monitor size, memory, processor, graphics, drives, hard drive, and software.

Larger monitor size are excellent for people who need to have a lot of different windows open at the same time or who like to have their fonts and icons on the larger size. Memory, this refers to computers Ram. Depending on the types of programs you are planning on running this will be an important consideration. More Ram means the more programs can be open at the same time. If you are just going to search the web, you will not need as much Ram as someone who is planning on doing graphic design with their notebook. The processor is another consideration. Just like with Ram, the more you plan to do, the larger this needs to be.

If you are plan on gaming with your Notebook, you will definitely want to pay attention to the graphics card. This determines just how well things are rendered on your monitor. The better the graphics card, the better the rendering. There are many games that will tell you the type and size of card necessary for play check out the requirements before purchasing your notebook. Notebooks come with a wide variety of drive options if you just want to do things like watch movies or run CD’s than a CD/DVD rom is probably enough. If you would like to burn data then a CDRW might be what your looking for and if you need to burn a lot of data or would like to burn movies, then a DVD burner is something you should look into adding to your Notebook. Hard drives are based also on need. If you are planning on handing a lot of data, get a larger capacity hard drive on the other hand if you are only planning on saving things like word files, a higher capacity hard drive may not be necessary. When it comes to software, there are a wide variety of different packages available. Consider your needs and look at getting the notebook that has the majority if not all of the software you will need.

Now that you have the basics on choosing your next or first notebook, you might want to check out some of these top manufacturers MSI, ACER, IBM, HP, or FUJITSU.