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Compliance Essentials: Navigating Record Keeping and Data Storage Under New FCC Rules

What specific record-keeping requirements have changed under the new FCC rules?

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Join us for a compelling webinar moderated by Carl Stuerke, an expert Contact Center Software Consultant at NobelBiz, with special guest Brittany Andres, a knowledgeable associate at Troutman Amin. This session will dive into the FCC’s new consent requirements, transforming lead generation practices.

Our esteemed speakers will explore the impact of these regulations on Contact Centers and the FCC consent rule. Gain insights into compliant campaign strategies and how NobelBiz’s expertise can enhance your outreach. Don’t miss this opportunity to navigate the changing regulatory landscape successfully.

You will learn:

✅ Overview of the FCC’s one-to-one Consent Rule & TCPA: Understand the basics and implications of the FCC’s new consent requirements and how they impact call center operations.
✅ FCC Changes in the Lead Generation Space: Discover what has changed for call center operators with the introduction of new FCC regulations, directly from legal expert Brittany Andres.
✅ Legal Insights on the one-to-one Consent Rule: Gain critical legal perspectives to navigate the complexities of the one-to-one Consent Rule and ensure compliance.
✅ Strategies for Compliant Lead Generation: Learn essential strategies and best practices to achieve consent in lead generation, aligning with the latest FCC guidelines.
✅ Technology Tools to Aid Compliance: Explore technological solutions that facilitate adherence to the one-to-oneConsent Rule and TCPA, enhancing your compliance framework.