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How to Choose Memory Cards For 4K Video

How to Choose Micro-SD Cards For 4K Video
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Hello heroes! The most essential question is how to choose micro-sd card for capturing 4K. As we know there are a lot of devices to recorder 4K, such as: action cameras, drones and smartphones. You should take into account that 4K UHD twice larger than FullHD. It’s a reason to get a powerful micro-sd card.

Features of micro-sd card:
00:35 Write speed
02:27 Read speed
02:53 Capacity
03:45 Brand name.

You have better to use a card with U3 or V30 speed class to avoid any issues and get the highest quality. The capacity must be higher than 64GB and not exceed a manufacturer constraint. Be sure that a card, you are going to buy, is not a fake.

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