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Iomega JAZ disk – 1GB data storage from 1995🫨

The Jaz drive is a detachable hard drive storage space system offered by the Iomega business from 1995 to 2002.

External and interior 1GB Iomega Jaz drives with media.
Adhering to the success of the Iomega Zip drive, which in its initial variation shops information on high-capacity floppies with 100 megabytes small capability, and later on 250 and afterwards 750 MEGABYTES, the business established and launched the Jaz drive. Delivering to OEMs in December 1995, the Jaz drive included 1 GB ability per detachable disk. A brand-new Jaz drive version, launched in February 1998, boosted the private disk capability to 2 GB.

The Jaz drive makes use of a SCSI user interface, with both exterior and inner drive versions. An ATA variation of the drive was intended yet never ever launched.