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May Ganito Ba MicroSD na Bibilhin Mo? | MicroSD Buyer’s Guide

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MicroSD Buyer’s Guide

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Bibili ng microSD para sa mobile phone? Ito ang mga dapat mong tignan or hanapin sa microSD bago ka bumili.

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– SD suggests Secure Digital

There are 3 basic measurements for SD cards
– miniSD card
– (Standard) SD card
– microSD card

We’ll concentrate on microSD for mobile phones

VSC (Video Speed Class).
– V30 amounts to UHS 3 @ 30MB/s.
– V10 amounts to Class 10 and also UHS 1 @ 10MB/s.
– V6 amounts to Class 6 @ 6MB/s.
– V60 is higher than UHS 3 @ 60MB/s.
– V90 @ 90MB/s.

– Samsung.
– Pioneer.
– Sandisk.
– Verbatim.
– Lexar.
– Kingston.
– Netac.

For Standard Video Recording, you require:.
– For 4K video clip recording, begin with UHS1 or Class 10 however far better with UHS 3 or perhaps V60.
– For Full HD @ 60FPS recording, it is best to make use of UHS 3 or V30 or greater.
– Class 10 or UHS 1 or greater.
– For 8K recording, choose UHS 3 or even better, go with V90 @ 90MB/s.

Application Performance Class.
– A1 amounts to Class 10 2 10MB/s and also is finest for keeping maps, images, video clips and also video clip editing and enhancing.
– A2 is likewise equivalent to Class 10 however with larger cache area which is optimal for application monitoring as well as procedures.

For General Use:.
– Always pick a CLASS 10 microSD or UHS 1.
– If you intend to utilize microSD for applications storage space, ensure it has A2 assistance.
– Better yet, opt for UHS 3 however ensure to look for compatibility with your phone.
– If you have a premium phone that sustains 4k as well as 8K recording, opt for UHS 3 with V30, V60, V90 assistance for ideal result rate.

*** From Class 10, begins UHS course (Ultra High Speed).

– Class 6 @ 6MB/s
– Class 4 @ 4MB/s
– Class 2 @ 2MB/s
– Class 10 @ 10MB/s

– Ilan sa kanila ay marketing phony or manufacturing facility flaw microSD.
– Wag bibili ng microSD sa tabi-tabi espeically banketa.
– Do deny microSD cards from bogus shops.
– If utilizing microSD as default storage space for electronic camera recording, ensure your microSD is Class 10 or greater.
– Most typical duplicated or phony microSD are Transcend, Kingston, Samsung, or Lexar.

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UHS Class.
– UHS 1.
– UHS 3.